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AiS Alive Proxy

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Here's a great tool for anyone who frequently uses public proxy servers on the Internet. Whether you use them for speed or privacy, AliveProxy makes it easy to find and test hundreds of servers. One of the difficulties of using proxy servers is finding them. Though there are a number of sites that publish lists, verifying each server is a time consuming task. As a solution, you'll be able to download entire lists into the program, and measure each server's speed and time-out. AliveProxy automatically removes duplicates, and lets you determine server names by IP address- and vice versa. The program can also check server types, specifically whether a server is transparent or anonymous.

AliveProxy supplies some additional information on proxy servers, including port numbers and ping results. It reads ISO country codes, so it's able to identify where the server is located. AliveProxy includes a search tool and filtering option for sorting information by parameters. This will, for example, help you track down a server that meets your performance and anonymity criteria.

As you gather tons of information on proxy servers, the program enables you to efficiently save the data to disk. You can export your records to a publishable HTML file or a spreadsheet-ready Excel file. Plus, RTF and plain-text formats are available as well.

Yippee rating and review

AliveProxy is a utility that will ping multiple proxy servers and get back results on their speed and connection type. A proxy server is a server that 'caches' internet data and provides it at slightly increased speeds than would be achievable via a direct connection to the server the webpage is hosted on. AliveProxy can maintain a database of proxy servers and allows you to search the database for criteria such as the ping, speed, connection type (anonymous or otherwise), etc. Useful if you require the fastest possible proxy connection at all times.

Tocows rating and review

AiS AliveProxy Standart is a program for finding the addresses of proxy servers. This program will extract proxy server addresses from specified pages on the Internet, and it can also input server addresses if they are listed in text and HTML files. Once it finds an address for a proxy server, the program measures its connection speed and timeout, and determines if it is an anonymous or transparent proxy server. After all of this is done, AiS AliveProxy Standart lists the results for you in a table format so that you can choose a proxy server that best suits your needs.

ZDNet rating and review

AliveProxy is an unusual utility that maintains a list of active proxy servers. It has some minor English language issues, but it's attractive and easy to use to maintain the integrity and validity of your server list. The program lets you add to and edit the list of 49 proxy servers that are included in the package. You can enter servers manually or enter a URL to extract server addresses. You may test servers individually or all at once, and retrieve valuable information for each. The AliveProxy database stores URL, name, port, type, ping, speed, extension, and the date last checked for each entry. You can bookmark, sort, and filter the database as required.

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